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We are an authorized retailer of the brands we carry online and all our sunglasses are 100% Authentic designer-brand sunglasses. We do not sell imitation, counterfeit, or "fake" sunglasses.

How can you tell Authentic sunglasses from "fakes?" Rule #1 is to look on the inside-left temple of the sunglasses. The authentic sunglasses have the style code, color code, size information all located on the temple...counterfeit sunglasses do not.

Authentic sunglasses will come with a manufacturer's warranty card...fakes will not. Those selling imitation sunglasses will not take the time (and expense) to print manufacturer warranty cards.

DO NOT use the "Made in" stamp as proof either way if your sunglasses are real or fake. These days many manufactured items are made worldwide, including China, etc. The manufacturers of our eyewear have strict standards for their manufacturing processes in these countries. Besides, if they are making "fakes" don't you think they would stamp another country of origin on the glasses?

You may certainly contact us if you have any questions regarding the authenticity of your sunglasses; but be assured we have all legal documentation to prove they are indeed authentic eyewear.