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Sunglasses 101

Do you ever get confused as to what sunglasses you should be wearing? Do you need polarized sunglasses? Should you be wearing more of a wrap style? Continue on for Sunglasses 101.

Polarized Lenses

Polarized lenses are great for fishing or boating since they allow you to see the fish or rocks under the water's surface. They are great for driving because they cut the glare reflected from other cars and make it easier to see through your own windshield. In the winter polarized lenses cut down on the glare and make winter driving more comfortable. For more information on a polarized lens, visit our polarized lenses discussion. Be forewarned...once you upgrade to polarized lenses it will be hard for you to go back to non-polarized lenses.

Many of the sunglasses we offer are polarized. Ray-Ban Sunglasses offer many styles that are polarized.

Wrap Sunglasses

Would you like to block as much visible light from getting to your eyes? Try a sunglass style with a wrapped style. Don't worry, they need not be sporty as many styles have a wrap to them without being athletic-looking. Many sufferers of migraines say a great pair of wrap sunglasses do wonders and help to reduce headaches. A few great styles with a natural wrap to them:

Ray-Ban 4068 Sunglasses RB4068

Ray-Ban 3342 Warrior Sunglasses RB3342

Ray-Ban 4086 Sunglasses RB4086

Ray-Ban 4098 Jackie Ohh II Sunglasses RB4098

Glass or Plastic Lenses

There are pros and cons to glass or plastic lenses. Different manufacturers may have various terms for their lenses however it comes down to plastic or glass.

Glass lenses while slightly heavier tend to be less likely to scratch than plastic lenses. The clarity of most glass lenses tends too be higher than plastic lenses.

Plastic lenses are more lightweight and therefore are the choice for many sports-related sunglass brands. For safety-minded consumers, plastic lenses will not shatter as glass lenses might in the event something hits your lenses.