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Sunglasses Fit Guide

Looking for the perfect sunglasses? Like the perfect pair of jeans, you could spend a lifetime trying to hunt them down. There are a few guidelines, however, that should put you on the right track. First and foremost, choose sunglasses that you like, regardless of the rules. If you feel confident, you can carry any style.

The basic goal of sunglass selection is to balance your facial features. If your face is more rounded, choose sunglasses that have more angles. If your face has more angles, then choose sunglasses that soften your look with more rounded edges.

You can determine your face shape by looking into the mirror and using a removable crayon (they make crayons for decorating windows, etc.) draw the outline of your face on to the mirror. Once you are finished take a step back and determine the general shape of your face.

Consider the size of your face. If you have a large face, larger sunglasses usually fit best; small glasses tend to squeeze a larger face. If you have very small features, it is best to keep your sunglasses on the smaller side. Wear your sunglasses…don’t let them wear you!

Once you have a pair of sunglasses that fit your face shape and size, try looking in the mirror and smile. You don’t want your sunglasses to bunch up too much on your cheeks and ride up the bridge of your nose too far.

If you have a long nose, try sunglasses that ride lower on your bridge. Something that is darker in color and straight across will go far in shortening the length of your nose.

If you have wide-set eyes, select a pair of sunglasses with dark bridges to minimize the gap. Conversely, if you have narrow-set eyes, sunglasses with a clear bridge will add a little more space between your eyes.

For those of you with a high forehead, try a frame that ends slightly higher than the top of your brow. With a higher lens, you will minimize the amount of forehead showing above your glasses.

If a full beard or other facial hair is more your style, then select smaller frames that will not compete with it.

The Round-Shaped Face

If your face lacks defined cheekbones and/or chin, you probably have a round face. Your goal is to give your face some angles. Stay away from round sunglasses as they will only enhance your round appearance. You want a style that will make your face appear longer and slimmer, so select a wide frame with a more angular or rectangular shape. Color looks very good on round faces as it breaks up the round shape. Try one of these sunglasses for your round face:

Ray-Ban 2132 New Wayfarer Sunglasses RB2132

Ray-Ban 2140 Original Wayfarer Sunglasses RB2140

Ray-Ban 2151 Wayfarer Square Sunglasses RB2151

Ray-Ban 3344 Sunglasses RB3344

Ray-Ban 4057 Sunglasses RB4057



The Diamond-Shaped Face

If you have a narrow forehead and jaw line, but your cheekbones are wide, you probably have a diamond-shaped face. You want to soften your angles, so opt for sunglasses that are slightly curved or are oval-shaped. Since your cheekbones are already prominent, you goal is to down-play them a bit and balance your overall look. Here are just a few of our sunglasses that would fit on a diamond face: 

Ray-Ban 2015 Daddy-O Sunglasses RB2015

Ray-Ban 4135 Sunglasses RB4135

Ray-Ban 4139 Sunglasses RB4139


The Square-Shaped Face

If you have a broad forehead and wide and strong jaw line along with wide cheekbones, you belong in the square-faced category. Fortunately some of the most fun sunglasses out there are made just for you! Oversized frames tame your square shape and angular features. Picture Jackie O (named for former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy in the 60’s.) Round or cat’s eye sunglasses look great on a square face. A square face is very much sought after if you are a guy, so play up your features and select sunglasses with sharp angles. Here are some more rounded sunglasses:

Ray-Ban 4098 Jackie Ohh II Sunglasses RB4098

Ray-Ban 4101 Jackie Ohh Sunglasses RB4101

Ray-Ban 4113 Jackie Ohh III Sunglasses RB4113

Ray-Ban 4126 Cats 1000 Sunglasses RB4126

Ray-Ban 4139 Sunglasses RB4139



The Heart-Shaped Face

If you have a wide forehead, but a long narrow chin, you belong to the heart-shaped face club. Select sunglasses that widen the rest of your face such as cat‘s eye frames or well-rounded shapes. Adding color will create interest in the top portion of your face, drawing away attention from your chin.

Ray-Ban 2156 New Clubmaster Sunglasses RB2156

Ray-Ban 3016 Clubmaster Sunglasses RB3016

Ray-Ban 4126 Cats 1000 Sunglasses RB4126

Ray-Ban 4127 Sunglasses RB4127



The Oval-Shaped Face

You have balanced features with high cheekbones and a chin that is slightly more narrow than your forehead. Consider yourself lucky, you have the “perfect” shaped face for sunglasses. Almost any style will work for you, but you probably already knew that. Try one of our very popular Ray-Ban Wayfarer or Ray-Ban Aviator glasses:

Ray-Ban 2132 New Wayfarer Sunglasses RB2132

Ray-Ban 3025 Aviator Sunglasses RB3025 55mm

Ray-Ban 3025 Aviator Sunglasses RB3025 58mm

Ray-Ban 3025 Aviator Sunglasses RB3025 62mm

Ray-Ban 3029 Outdoorsman II Sunglasses RB3029

Ray-Ban 3030 Outdoorsman Sunglasses RB3030

Ray-Ban 3044 Small Aviator Sunglasses RB3044

Ray-Ban 3342 Warrior Sunglasses RB3342


The Oblong-Shaped Face

If you have a long, narrow face you should aim for balancing your look with round or square frames. Oversized sunglasses also look great. Your goal is to add some width to your look, so choose sunglasses that give your face some extra weight. Try some of these sunglasses to balance your face:

Ray-Ban 3342 Warrior Sunglasses RB3342

Ray-Ban 4068 Sunglasses RB4068

Ray-Ban 4148 Caribbean Sunglasses RB4148


The Triangle-Shaped Face

This face has a wider jaw line and a narrow forehead. You can soften the lower portion of the face by accenting the eyes with frames that are wider at the bottom like aviator or butterfly glasses. Bright, bold colors will only draw more attention to features you would like to minimize, so use color with caution. We have a great selection of Aviator-style glasses:

Ray-Ban 3136 Caravan Sunglasses RB3136

Ray-Ban 3267 Sunglasses RB3267

Ray-Ban 3342 Warrior Sunglasses RB3342

Ray-Ban 3362 Cockpit Sunglasses RB3362

Ray-Ban 4132 Sunglasses RB4132

Ray-Ban 4141 Sunglasses RB4141

Ray-Ban 4152 Vagabond Sunglasses RB4152

Ray-Ban 3362 Cockpit Sunglasses RB3362